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The D.A.R.P. Foundation was founded in
2001 with the vision of helping the suffering
alcoholic and addict who has a desire and
willingness to try, and turn their life around.
We have come a long way since first
opening our doors, and many of those first
participants have a normal,
happy, clean and sober Iife. In fact, some
of those participants now work for the
foundation helping to provide newly arrived
participants the same opportunities that
were afforded to them.


The Foundation is a long-term, not-for-profit
self-supporting organization. We do
not receive any state or federal funding and
our revenues are generated solely through
the various employment contracts we have
entered into.

Our primary source of referrals is through
the criminal justice system; however, if an
individual expresses a sincere desire for
recovery the Foundation will accept
voluntary admissions. The minimum
length of stay is for six months; however,
the stay can be adjusted at the discretion
. of the court or the individual participant.
Upon successful completion of the program
participants do receive a monetary stipend
based upon the length of their stay in the


The D.A.R.P.  Foundation is a faith-based organization, which provides the opportunity for chemically addicted people, to learn and establish tools for living. The program is a minimum of 6 months centered on learning to live without the usage of any chemicals. Our main goal is to help those with their addiction and offer a new way of living.


Drug / Alcohol Education: D.A.R.P. has recently begun D/A Education classes in addition to its recovery program. This is a dynamic tool in each addict/alcoholic’s life. The class consist of 4 hours each week learning about Human Skills, as well as having access to 12 step Support Groups. that will be teaching, Power of Positive Thinking, Making Changes in your life and How to Cope. The Matrix Handbook will be taught in these classes, which is a Powerful Tool for living. All Participants are required to attend a 3rd group “Relapse Prevention” once they are within 90 days of program completion. (DARP does not offer individual counseling or mental health counseling) For those with needs of this nature, a “Rehabilitation Program” would likely be the best option.


Relapse: Should a Participant relapse while in the program, the Participant will be required to begin an “Intense Relapse Prevention Group” for 2 hours each week. The duration of this class will be decided on a case by case basis.


12 Step Program: We hold two in house AA/NA meetings a day. This means they are offered 10 meetings a week, work schedule of the participants permitting. Participants are required to attend 1 meeting a day. We are having 12-step speakers coming in sharing their experience, strength and hope twice a month. Outside visitors such as sponsors are welcome and enable the Participant to broaden his scope of recovery.


Church: Being a Faith Based organization, Church Service attendance is required for all Participants.


Work: Participants will be provided with jobs as this enables them to develop a work ethic now and when they complete the program. Our participants work 40-48 hours a week, which includes participation in Community Service. At the present time we are working with several companies to provide jobs for our participants. The majority of our employment has to do with factory and production work. We always work with the community and pursue new employers, thus enhancing our participant’s opportunity to learn different trades. Many of our employers offer the participants full-time employment upon completion of the program.



Incentives: In effort to assist the Participants with paying court cost, fines, restitution and drug court costs upon program completion, each Participant will receive a stipend from DARP. Companies where the Participants work will also present the Participant with a stipend based on job performance and attendance. Each workplace will have additional incentives for Participants who have child support. DARP will make every effort to place them with a partnering company who will pay their child support on a weekly basis at no cost to the Participant. This will NOT be deducted from their stipend. Court cost and fines are placed on hold until program completion. Some court systems allow the Participants to do community service that will decrease their court costs and fines. Some courts will decrease the amount of court cost and fines owed if the Participant completes the program. This is solely at the discretion of the court.


Meals: Meals are prepared at the facility on a daily basis. We have a full time cook and/or Kitchen Supervisor to assist our kitchen staff, prepare a menu weekly and assure all meals are nutritional and well-balanced for our Participants. DARP partners with the Tulsa and NWA Foodbanks to be able to offer not only nutritious meals but more of a variety.


Clothing / Necessities: DARP will provide all necessities a Participant may need while in the program. Upon intake, an inventory of the Participants belongings is taken, a list is made of what is needed and items are purchased immediately. This is NOT deducted from their stipend. DARP feels it is very important for the Participant to have several changes of clothing, comfortable shoes, hygiene products, etc.


Medical/Dental: If a medical, major dental issue or glasses are needed for a Participant, DARP has local dentists and doctors that provide treatment at a discounted rate. DARP will cover immediate extractions only for dental at this time. This is NOT deducted from the Participants stipend check.


Chores: All Participants participate and are given general inspection task. Each Participant is responsible for his own sleeping quarters, bed made, etc.


Sleep: It is important that each of the Participants have the opportunity to obtain proper rest. The facility has a consistent “lights” out policy, allowing each client to obtain 8 hours of rest. Proper rest enables the Participant to participate in his recovery, thus retaining the information given.


Rule Infractions: Rule infractions are met with consequences, and are conducted on an individual basis. The “sending authority” and the staff decide sanctions.  It is important that the “sending authority” is advised of any sanctions. Some of the sanctions might consist of; loss of privileges, restarts, or time added to completion date.


Drug Screens: Drug Screens are important facet to the facility. Each Participant is given a Breathalyzer and a Urine Drug Screen upon arrival and upon return from all passes/visits. The “sending authority” governs all passes. The facility may drug screen an individual any time it is deemed appropriate by the staff. Drug Screens are color-coded and the results will be reported to the proper “sending authority”.


Progress Notes: The “sending authority” will receive progress notes on each of their Participants. These notes will be done on an individual basis, taking into consideration their participation in groups and their general attitude around the facility. These notes will be provided at least once a month or more often if required.


Transitional Living: Upon program completion with the sending authority’s approval and if a Participant has done well with no major issues, they can move into “transitional living.” In transition, the participant would be offered full time employment at their job, they move to a separate living area, are allowed to keep their pay checks and a pay a minimal amount of rent. DARP continues to provide transportation, food and housing. The Participant is still required to attend groups and meetings. They are also required to provide copies of their money order receipts for court cost and fines paid. They are regularly drug tested. The Participant can take passes every weekend (with Sending Authority approval), a cell phone is allowed, a mini frig, TV, Microwave, etc. Transition time-limit is decided on a case by case basis.


It is our desire to serve our Participants and make any necessary changes in our program that best meets the needs of our Participants.

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